Customer Reviews

David Rankine
I purchased the vehicle online: 1) The online process was incredibly easy and efficient; 2) Mark and Brendon (the two sales reps who assisted me when I went in to pick up the vehicle) were friendly, professional, knowledgeable, efficient and very patient in teaching me about my new vehicle. 3) Brendon was able to get me a lower interest rate, and that was something I never would have expected. A very nice surprise!

Marc Fernandez
The sales consultant (John) and finance manager (Bob) are very accommodating. they are giving their customer good options that matches their budget in terms of finding a car, they are consistent in giving updates on the progress. I will definitely recommend Birchwood Infiniti Nissan to all my relatives and friends.

Vladas Tvaskis
We had a great experience.

Jean Wright
Your sales rep Jack Cao was great in his approach to our questions and in showing us how to connect up some of the services provided. We are very comfortable in dropping by to see him and discuss any item about our new Maurano is we have one.

Thelma Burtnick
Great salesperson. High Pressure sales.

Janet Cawson
A pleasant experience from beginning to end and we love our car!

Janice Manigbas

The current people are warm and easy to talk to. Had experience when we are looking for a car on this same branch 6 years ago and they are not even greet us (we are looking for a car, eventually bought vw tiguan after that) so we left and went to another dealership. Is it because of our color and race? Just asking. This time experience is excellent.

Tracey Anderson

Every member of staff was kind, knowledgeable and respectful of my inexperience. They made the whole process easy and fun.

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